Vertical Rock Krav Maga Academy


Krav Maga Academy (KMA)

sponsored by Vertical Rock Climbing and Fitness Center™

KMA provides comprehensive Krav Maga self-defense and fitness programs. Our 24,000 sq ft. indoor facility, outdoor training facilities, range of classes and the superior quality of our instructors set us apart from other Martial Arts and Fitness Programs in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

All KMA memberships provide unlimited access to: Krav Maga, Cardio Boxing, Jui Jitsu, Thai Kickboxing, Yoga, Cross Training and our Fitness Studio. Students will get into the best shape of their lives while learning to avoid confrontation and dangerous situations, but to finish a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible if necessary. At KMA you will learn to:

  • Address the immediate danger
  • Counter-attack as quickly as possible
  • Target attacks to the most vulnerable parts of the body
  • Make self-defense movements based on natural instincts
  • Defend real attack scenarios (e.g., home invasion, mugging, fights in closed and open spaces, multiple attackers, abduction, sexual assault and rape and a range of weapons defenses (eg., knives, guns, sticks, etc.)
  • Maintain situational awareness to reduce risks to yourself and significant others and identify escape routes in attack situations
  • Utilize breathing / other techniques to speed recovery and enhance power


2 Senior Black Belt Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu Instructors
1 Senior Boxing and MMA Instructor, 1 Senior Thai Kickboxing and MMA Instructor 

Nicholas Card

Senior Instructor

Chris Torres

Senior Instructor

Josh Freeman

Senior Instructor

Alex Frontanilla

Senior Instructor


Krav Maga Academy training includes military style calisthenics that will get you into the best shape of your life. Krav classes provide diverse and comprehensive whole body strength and conditioning programs incorporating elements of Cross Fit, Functional Movement, Strength Training, Endurance Athletics and more! All KMA memberships also include yoga and cross training classes. You will get into the best shape of your life and enjoy doing it in our awesome community!

Krav Maga Seminars

Functional Training

KMA and Vertical Rock also offers:

  • Indoor Climbing (e.g., 6 state-of-the-art climbing walls and training facilities)
  • Dedicated Training Studio
  • Cardio and Weight Equipment
  • Specialized Fitness Classes (e.g., Climbing Instruction, Rock Ready, Functional Movement, Seal Training and Yoga) taught by leading coaches, outdoorsmen and former military trainers
  • Outdoor School (e.g., back country climbing, rappelling, land navigation, backpacking, rafting and expeditions)